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Dr. Bruno Dillemans

General & obesity surgeon

Redo Surgery

In case of weight regain, or insufficient weight loss, a conversion or also called redo surgery from a previous weight loss operation to a RNY Gastric Bypass is certainly possible.
In most cases a conversion of an adjustable gastric banding to a Gastric Bypass can happen in one procedure (in about 80% of cases). Sometimes 2 interventions are necessary when the gastric wall of your stomach where the band has been placed, is too fragile to make a new connection between your small bowell and that part of your upper stomach where the band was placed. In that case you must count on a period of about at least 3 months between the 2 procedures to give sufficient time to your gastric wall to recover, before the RNY procedure can be done. Dr Dillemans can not make a formal forecast if this will be the case as he only can see it once the surgery started and he can access this place with his laparascopic intruments. But in  80% of the cases, it can be done in one operation.

In case of weight regain or insufficient weight loss after the Gastric Bypass, adding more restriction or malabsorption is a also a surgical option.

 Possible procedures

  • conversion band to bypass

  • conversion Mc Lean/Mason to bypass

  • conversion Scopinaro to bypass

  • conversion Sleeve to bypass

  • placing of a band after bypass