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Dr. Bruno Dillemans

General & obesity surgeon

Banded Bypass

“The Banded Gastric Bypass positions a non-adjustable band (MiniMizer or MidCal) around the small gastric pouch from the gastric bypass to add more restriction.

The band is fixed with some stitches to avoid slippage. It comes in 4 sizes (8-7.5-7-6.5cm) and can be adjusted peroperatively depending on the size of the gastric pouch. This gives a steady weight loss in the long term (5-10 years) by a preserved restriction, equal to the initial weight loss the first year. Recent studies reinforce these findings. This is why we advocate this solution to people with a BMI > 45 who qualify for a gastric bypass. However, the band is not (yet) reimbursed by health insurances and costs about €600. A possible side effect is that some patients experience some difficulties eating solid foods in the long run or, in rare circumstances, have a migration of the band.”