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Dr. Bruno Dillemans

General & obesity surgeon

Refurbed operating theatre

Since april 2012 the operation theathre had 3 new professional operation wards.
These wards satisfy the highest international norms and garantee an optimal efficiency and limitation of the walk distances.
The operation wards show a new concept: such as 3 seperate rooms, landscape wards (fully connected by sliding doors of glass).

The walls and cealings of the OR consists in a modular inox-system (for maximum flexibility), glass or coating.
It also brings maximum control of hygiene. The quality of the air (ISO 5) is garanteed by a laminar flow with conduction, 3 by 3 meter.
A temperature gradient and different temperature zones inforce the laminar flow. The temperature of the wall compensates temperature loss. For maximum openness, these 3 wards have doors of glass.

The nurse units of the Center of Obesity (VE30 and VE35) were recently rebuild. The rooms dispose all comfort, such as a bath room for each patient, etc...). There are special beds for patient suffering severe obesity.