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Dr. Bruno Dillemans

General & obesity surgeon

Important message of Dr. Dillemans - Covid 19


Ladies and Gentlemen

Dear patients

At this moment we are facing a huge health crisis, the CORONA pandemic – a viral infection that spreads very quickly and ruthlessly. Nobody could have imagined that such a flu-like virus would be able to destabilize our very performant and strong health system and cause economic damage, worse than the financial crisis of 2008.

All over the world health workers are holding a race against the time in orde to provide the maxim medical care towards the strongly increasing group of COVID-19 patients. Fortunately, most patients (often young) have light disease symptoms; but another group of patients are facing severe to very severy disease symptoms and need to be hospitalized and ventilated at the Intensive Care Unit.

Because of the very high affluence of ill Corona-patients and the medical priorities that we have to foresee for those patients, we are obliged to postpone a lot of elective (= planned, non-urgent) surgeries. This includes most of the bariatric (obesity-) and metabolic surgeries. Also the consultations at the policlinic have to be reduced in order to stop the transmission of the virus. Moreover, we surgeons-specialists, are fully deployed in order to assist our colleagues internal specialists and anesthesiologists, for the screening and individual treatment of COVID-19 patients.

We hope strongly – together with you – that we will be able to control this health crisis as soon as possible. And we receive a lot of support and understanding from our patients, of you, who we are contacting in order to postpone their consultation or surgery. And this despite the fact that most of you have been looking forward already some time for your date of consultation or surgery.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and we will contact you again as from the moment the situation will normalize and we will be able to plan again regular consultations and surgeries. Nevertheless, if you would have any doubt about a medical problem related to your surgery, or if you have any urgent question or request, you can contact us on following phone number: 0032 50 452560 or e-mail:

I wish you good luck and please follow strictly the preventive measures of our government!

See you soon

Dr Bruno Dillemans